Manage DNS Zones and Records

We support create, read, update, and delete operations on all DNS record types supported by Rackspace Cloud DNS and Amazon Route 53.

Use templates to quickly apply records for popular web services like Google Apps or Wordpress.com.

With DNSly, you can build and share templates for applying the records needed for popular services so the next time you or someone else in the community needs to apply records it is just a click of a button away. Also, if you have some records that you frequently apply to your domains but don't want to share with the community you can make them private. Also, templates are one size fits all, provided the template doesn't have a record type not supported by the provider.

Backup and Import Records

Backup your zone's records as a private or public template and apply it to any zone on any provider. Never get locked into one provider again. Using DNSly you can complete migrating your records in under 3 minutes.

REST API and White Label Beta (Coming Soon)

Calling all hosting companies, domain registrars, and other internet service providers, offer the DNSly interface to your clients with your branding. Use our API to integrate DNSly's templates, backups and imports, and all the methods of the Amazon Route 53 and Cloud DNS APIs while not storing your user's Amazon or Rackspace security credentials.